The group known as Jehovah’s Witnesses true name is the “Jehovian Anunnaki Armageddon cult”.

They have abused their power on Earth and are required to restore Energetic Balance, to make amends for the crimes they have made against humanity.

“Mene, Mene, Tekal, Parsin”: Daniel 5:25

They are like a Pied Piper, leading gullible people onto a false path, wasting and giving their life force to the Watchtower Organization, when ultimately, they were placed there as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to mislead with false prophesy and promises of eternal life on a paradise earth.

They can be easily stopped with critical thinking and common sense.  Unfortunately, members of this group are highly programmed to immediately reject this.  In fact, making all other groups and individuals that speak common sense and present logical thinking, the enemy and oppressor of their perverted truth. 

When one is baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness (as an adult or of an "age of understanding" of what they are doing), an assigned demon enters into them, who will reside inside that person for life, whether they are disfellowshipped (excommunicated), writes a letter of dissociation or rejects the group in anyway.

Just before an individual is baptized under water, they must answer two questions out loud and in public, which confirms dedication to Jehovah (the Jehovian Annunnaki Luciferian false alien god) and to it’s organization known as The Watchtower Organization. This free will act allows the demonic parasite to enter the individual while they are immersed under water. The individual now has this hidden parasite for life whose purpose is to drain life force energy for itself and syphon it off to this false alien god.

This Satanic / Luciferian deal for power has revealed itself.  True light has been cast to reveal the darkness. In fact, did you ever wonder why the Jehovah’s Witness literature is filled with hidden Satanic images? Did you ever wonder why Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught a “healthy fear of Satan and his demons”, the world is a dark and terrifying place and many Jehovah’s Witnesses have their own stories about demonic entities, especially those that enter and reside in objects?

There are very few existing now who have the authority and knowingness to remove said demon.  So what can one do?

When critical mass of the Jehovah’s Witness population is exposed to this truth (which may only be a small percentage), and the cry for freedom from these oppressors is heard, a process will activate for these beings of darkness to exit from their host bodies.

As some will easily dismiss this information as they have been programmed to, there is a new awakening process that has been set into place that some have referred to as the “Mandela Effect”.  It is your personal responsibility to investigate this as you begin your quest to satisfy your thirst for the true nature of what we perceive reality to be.  The answers are there, but only if we trust ourselves and our memory. Hint: Begin your journey by reading Isaiah 11:6. It does not matter what bible translation you use.

Lastly, did you also know that the word “Jehovah” (YHWH) is a word infused with a curse?  Every time one speaks it, one curses himself and those around them with a dark, energy draining (but transferring power to the Satanic / Luciferian agenda), raw sewage like energy.  Now that you know this, it is your personal responsibility not to utter this word again and not be in presence of those that use this word.  Because if you do, the effect of the curse will only be heightened.

To those that are ready, these words will resonate with truth.